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Top 5 tips to take the perfect holiday card photo

Here are some of my tips on how to take the perfect holiday card photo that will impress all of those that you send it to. Browse through my quick tips below and once you have your ideal family shot, you can upload it to your favourite holiday card template, adjust with your holiday message, download and print or send online for free.

  1. Coordinate your outfits, but not the same.
    We have all seen it, family snapshots with everyone wearing the same Christmas themed outfit. You really want a photo that you are happy to look back on and something to cringe at. Keep it simple, with neutral colors and nothing too busy. Your choice of clothes should reflect your family’s personality, this could mean formal evening wear, smart casual with denim and crisp white shirts or fun matching pyjamas. Avoid crazy prints or patterns as they are way too distracting, choose clothes that are classic, comfortable and neat.
  2. Set the scene.
    Be organized before calling everyone in for that shot. If you are taking the photo yourself make sure it isn’t spoilt by a pile of ironing or dirty dishes in the background. Take the time to tidy the area and position a vase with fresh flowers in the background maybe. Alternatively pick a nice spot in the garden or your local park, autumn and spring are always a beautiful time of year with warm tones of foliage or bright new pops of color.
  3. Lighting and equipment.
    The best time of day to take photos is just after sunrise or just before sunset. These are the times when the lighting is most flattering and will give you the best results. Always make sure that any light source – whether it be indoors or outdoors – is behind the photographer.These days it is possible for everyone with a smart phone to get a good picture. But one bit of advice that will make life a lot easier is a tripod, whether it be a full sized one or a mini tripod that holds your phone sitting on a shelf or step ladder, the result will be worth it. We are lucky these days too that you can take lots of photos, maybe consider a “photo burst” setting that will take a lot of photos in one go. This way you are bound to get a good shot for your holiday card.
  4. Get close to those around you.
    The best photos are those that are tightly cropped with the family the focus of the picture. It is always a good idea to have overlap with family members, creating layers if you like. Get family members to do things like sit on the arms of chairs, stand at the side or sitting on a stool adds depth to an image. People on different levels, like kneeling at the front, hugging one and other or cuddling the family pet make for more interest in the photo and more natural too.
  5. Above all else have fun!Candid fun shots are always the best, forget about all standing there and saying “cheeeese”, the more natural the better. Mix it up, switch positions, crack some jokes, let your personalities show through in the shot.


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